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Election Solo
At the start of this solo I didn’t know anything. Now you won't believe it, I have learnt so much and I have moved all the way up to relational.
I can now explain how you get into parliament and how all the seats work and what all the policies and that are about because it is easy to understand once you have done some work around it. The purpose of parties running for government is because they put policies of what they think should be right in New Zealand .I think everyone should get a say if you're 18 because it affects kids. It affects kids because say if houses were too expensive I could be living in the street right now.
So it is all about them trying to  persuade people so they can get the most votes so they can become government. Before the voting starts they are working very hard in parliament making new policies or even laws. That is how bad they want to win which means they have  good example of growth mind set because they never give up. Even if they don&…